I Can Change

Gezongen door Saddam Hussien

Some people say that i’m a bad guy..
They may be right, they may be right.
But it’s not as if I don’t try..
I just fuck up, try as I might

But I can change, I can change!
I can learn to keep my promises, I swear it!
I’ll open up my heart and I will share it..
Any minute now I will be born again!

Yes I can change, I can change!
I know i’ve been a dirty little bastard
I like to kill! I like to maim! Yes, I’m insane!
But it’s okay, ‘COS I CAN CHANGE!!

It’s not my fault that i’m so evil..
It’s society, society.
You see my parents were sometimes abusive..
And it made, a prick of me.

But I can change, I can change!
Satan: But what if you never change? What if you remain a sandy little butthole?
Hey Satan! Don’t be such a twit
Mother Teresa won’t have shit on me!

Here I am, just watch me change..
Here you go, i’m changing!